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B4DD attorneys and the legal network at BustedforDrunkDriving.com regularly represent drunk driving, OVI, and DUI clients in Mayor’s Courts in Central Ohio. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving or operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), formerly known as DUI, in the city of Worthington, Ohio, B4DD lawyers and the legal network of BustedforDrunkDriving.com can help you with your drunk driving case.

Worthington, Ohio Mayor’s Court Information

B4DD attorneys and the network of BustedforDrunkDriving.com represent clients who are charged with drunk driving, OVI, DUI, as well as other criminal traffic law violations such as driving under suspended license (DUS), no operator’s license (No Ops), Hit Skip, leaving scene of an accident, and other such offenses.

Our lawyers understand the difficulties people go through when faced with an offense of drunk driving, OVI, or DUI. If you have been arrested or cited for drunk driving in Worthington Mayor’s Court, you need skilled, experienced, and aggressive legal help immediately – help available with B4DDD lawyers and the legal network at  Busted4DrunkDriving.com.

It’s a serious offense to get busted for drunk driving in Ohio. The law is clear that no person shall operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or both. Ohio recognizes a “per se” law which makes it a crime to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level at or above the prescribed threshold level of .08.  Ohio has also enacted zero tolerance laws that lower that level for underage drivers and high BAC laws that impose harsher penalties for those caught with levels of .17 and above.

The Mayor’s Court for Worthington, Ohio, is located at 6550 N. High St., Worthington, OH,  43805. The current Clerk of Courts for Worthington Mayor’s Court is Barb Nofziger, and you may reach the Clerk of Courts at 614- 786-7351.

It is the current standard practice of the City of Worthington Mayor’s Court to hold hearings every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., unless Monday is a holiday, then Mayor’s Court is held on Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. Court is located on the First Floor and parking is located on the north side of the building. The accused should make sure that they arrive early or at least on time.

The current Mayor of Worthington is Harvey S. Minton and he usually appoints a Magistrate to conduct the hearings for Worthington Mayor’s Court. The prosecuting attorney for the city is Karen E. Sheffer, Esq.

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Worthington Mayor’s Court is held before an appointed Magistrate, who is a licensed practicing attorney and appointed by the Mayor. The Magistrate has the power to render guilty, not guilty, or no contest verdicts and also assess penalties for any verdict of guilt. Such penalties are usually in the form of fines and/or jail time, or both.

The Mayor’s Court of Worthington can assign the following Maximum Penalties for offenses if you are convicted in their Mayor’s Court:

  • Misdemeanor First Degree      (M1) 180 Days $1000.00
  • Misdemeanor Second Degree (M2) 90 Days $750.00
  • Misdemeanor Third Degree    (M3) 60 Days $500.00
  • Misdemeanor Fourth Degree  (M4) 30 Days $250.00
  • Minor Misdemeanor                (MM) No Jail Time $150.00

If for some reason the accused is not able to attend a scheduled court hearing, the accused must contact the Clerk of Court and request a continuance of the case. So long as the request is for a good cause, the Worthington Mayor’s Court Clerk will usually re-schedule a case for a later date without assessing penalties.

However, any failure to appear for Worthington Mayor’s Court on the appropriate date assigned by the Court may result in the issuance of an arrest warrant and a license block sent to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

The Mayor’s Court of Worthington, Ohio, is not a court of record and the mayor or magistrate cannot conduct a jury trial. While it may be of some advantage to have your case heard in Worthington Mayor’s Court, there may be some disadvantages as well. B4DD lawyers and the legal staff at BustedforDrunkDriving.com can advise you about whether you should keep your drunk driving case in the Mayor’s Court of Worthington, Ohio.

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You are not required to have your case heard in a Mayor’s Court. Under Ohio law the accused has the option to transfer the case from Mayor’s Court to the larger Municipal Court for the particular County. Such transfer is at the option of the accused, as well as the Mayor’s Court itself.

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