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The legal team at B4DD handles cases involving:

  • Drunk-driving (commonly referred to as OVI or operating a vehicle while impaired)
  • No-operator’s license (No Ops)
  • Driving under a suspended license (DUS)
  • Felony and Misdemeanor Vehicular Assault
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Other motor vehicle traffic offenses, such as hit-skip, fleeing, failure to obey a lawful order

Ohio Laws

Even though Ohio has set a per se level of 0.08 BAC as the presumptive level at which an adult will be considered to be an impaired driver of a vehicle, being under the presumptive 0.08 BAC level does not mean that an operator is not impaired.

Depending on roadside sobriety checks, an operator may be charged with an OVI offense even if a BAC measures below 0.08. The presumptive BAC level is just the level at which an operator is automatically considered to be “legally” impaired.

If you have been arrested or cited with drunk driving or OVI / DUI, in Columbus, a surrounding county in Central Ohio, or anywhere in the state of Ohio, you need skilled, experienced, and aggressive legal help immediately.

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Drunk Driving Info

Stopped for Drunk Driving — The police officer generally will request that the driver take a series of field sobriety tests; and then a BAC test of the blood, breath, or urine, to determine the BAC level.

Refusal to Take a BAC Test — A driver stopped for impaired driving has the right to refuse to take any field sobriety tests or a chemical test (such as a BAC “breathalyzer,” urine, or blood test), however, a driver who refuses may face fines, a license suspension (at times right on the spot), and enhanced penalties for refusing to take the tests.

Going to Court — After a drunk driving arrest, the operator generally must go to court for an arraignment, negotiated disposition, or a trial, as well as the sentencing phase if found guilty.

Charges and Penalties — There are two aspects to a drunk driving or OVI charge in Ohio. The first involves an administrative license suspension. The second involves the criminal charge(s)

Defending Your Case — An operator who defends against the drunk driving charge in criminal court will go through a series of events with the court as the case progresses, such as an arraignment, pre-trial, and trial.

Found Guilty — If an operator is found guilty and is convicted, the judge will determine what punishment the driver receives.

Driving Privileges — Ohio law allows for provisional, conditional, hardship, or temporary licenses (called “driving privileges”).

Your Driver’s Record — It is a serious reality that convicted drunk drivers will have a criminal record. A drunk driving conviction may remain on your record forever, as Ohio law to date does not permit the conviction to be taken off (expunged).