Drunk Driving Lawyers

The lawyers at B4DD provide top-notch legal representation to individuals that have been arrested for drunk driving. We care about our clients, and we believe that the cost of quality legal representation should not prohibit anyone from seeking out a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer.

We defend cases of drunk driving which were once called DUI, OMVI, and later changed to OVI or Operating Vehicle Impaired.

Drunk Driving Representation

The impaired driving lawyers and drunk driving attorneys at B4DD understand the difficulties people face when they have been charged with an offense of drunk driving or OVI.

jmoser2_smJACK MOSER

Attorney Jack Moser has been defending drunk driving cases in Ohio since 1999. He has developed his legal experience and litigation skills by arguing, defending, and taking to trial many types of cases. Over the years Attorney Moser has grown his office to include the B4DD team of knowledgeable drunk driving lawyers whom provide quality legal representation to clients charged with a drunk driving offense. Attorney Moser and the B4DD team believe in the concept of “justice.” In each legal contest for which our lawyers are hired, we fight hard so that our clients may achieve a just or equitable result.

Attorney Jack Moser is licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and the United States Tax Court. He is also a member of the American Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, the Columbus Bar Association, the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, the American Association of Justice (formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association), and the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

IAN HEYMAN – Of Counsel

Ian Heyman has been providing comprehensive legal representation since 1998, including criminal defense cases involving motor vehicle, alcohol and drug charges.

A life-long resident of Ohio, Ian attended the Columbus Academy, The Ohio State University and Capital University Law School, and has spent many years doing animal rescue for cats, dogs and horses.

Using the knowledge, understanding and experience necessary to serve clients in times of need, Mr. Heyman has produced customized solutions for crisis management and helps improve the outcomes of encounters with law enforcement.

Most importantly, Ian gives every client personal attention, providing stable, reliable guidance for resolving legal issues with the best possible results, while doing so in a cost effective way.

In working with clients, prosecutors and judges, Mr. Heyman finds ways to communicate the unique circumstances of each individual’s situation, thereby protecting people’s rights and yielding a fair and just result.

We are in the process of acquiring more of counsel lawyers in our network.

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