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B4DD lawyers and the legal network at Busted4DrunkDriving.com regularly represent clients in Mayor’s Courts in Central Ohio. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving or operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), formerly known as DUI, in the city of Granville, Ohio, our legal network can help you with your drunk driving case.

Granville, Ohio Mayor’s Court Information

The Mayor’s Court for Granville, Ohio, is located at 141 East Broadway, Granville, Ohio 43023. The Clerk of Court for Granville Mayor’s Court is Bobbi Stover, and she provides administration for the Court. You may telephone Mrs. Stover at (740) 587-0707.

It is the usual practice of Granville’s Mayor’s Court to convene legal hearings every Friday, at 8:30 a.m.  Arraignments are usually held at 8:30. Trials are typically held at 12:00 noon on the last Friday of each month before Magistrate John Berryhill.

More in depth information about the City of Granville, Ohio, Mayor’s Court may be found at the link below:


The Mayor’s Court of Granville, Ohio, is not a court of record and the mayor or magistrate cannot conduct a jury trial. While it may be of some advantage to have your case heard in Granville Mayor’s Court, there may be some disadvantages as well. B4DD attorneys and the legal staff at BustedforDrunkDriving.com can advise you about whether you should keep your drunk driving case in the Mayor’s Court of Granville, Ohio.

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You are not required to have your case heard in a Mayor’s Court. Under Ohio law the accused has the option to transfer the case from Mayor’s Court to the larger Municipal Court for the particular County. Such transfer is at the option of the accused, as well as the Mayor’s Court itself.

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